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The terms and conditions describe in this document apply to aircraft-related purchase order. “Aircraft-related” product can be any product or service that has an effect on the quality of any aircraft product that Techfab manufactures.


  • Supplier is required to provide the buyer with a certificate of compliance for each shipment. Supplier shall also provide a Manufacturer’s certificates of origin when applicable. (Clause 7.4.2a)
  • The supplier is required to perform the operations according to the standards, specifications, drawings, procedures and technical instruction (Clause 7.4.2a)
  • Supplier shall en ensure and have evidences that its personnel are qualified to perform the requested operation. (7.4.2b)
  • Supplier must maintain a recognized quality management system (QMS) such as AS9100, ISO9001 or NADCAP. In the event where the supplier’s QMS is not registered, a supplier evaluation must be conduct by Techfab to approve the supplier QMS. (Clause 7.4.2c)
  • Supplier shall inform Techfab representative of any non-conformities and shall obtain Techfab’s approval for non-conform product disposition (Clause 7.4.2g-1)
  • Supplier must inform Techfab buyer of changes in product and / or processes, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location and obtain buyer’s approval (Clause 7.4.2g-2)
  • The suppliers must flow downs this Techfab requirement to his own supplier. (Clause 7.4.2g-3)
  • The supplier must keep records for 30 years. (Clause 7.4.2h)
  • The supplier must provide a right of access to their customer and regulatory authorities of all relevant facilities and records (Clause 7.4.2i)
  • All Techfab suppliers must ensure that the following materials: Tin, Gold, Tantalum or Tungsten included in the items delivered to Techfab do not come from the following countries: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.