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Quality and reliability are essential values in the aeronautic industry which TechFab made its beliefs. These beliefs have now been rewarded and TechFab is proud to announce its reception of the AS9100C certificate.

“Obtaining this certificate is a true recognition of our engagement both in the matter of integrity as well as quality. Despite its specific aeronautic requirement, AS9100C certificate is beneficial to all our customers as it shows our commitment for a high level of consistency, whatever may be the field of use for the end product. It is the warranty of superior requirements in terms of security, reliability and quality.”

Francois Cyr, President of TechFab

 AS9100 at a glance:

Quality management systems have been used in the aerospace industry for many years. Efforts by members of the aerospace industry to establish a single common Quality Management System resulted in the AS/EN 9100, 9110, 9120 series. They are used and supported by the world’s leading aerospace companies and also throughout their supply chain partnerships.

The specific norms in the aeronautic sector, such as AS9100, help manufacturers look over their main costs and delays of commercialization, all while bringing products of higher quality to consumers.

 AS9100C, the latest revision of the norm in quality management systems for aviation, space and defense, has a very careful consideration towards risk management, supply chain logistics management and on-site activities, including the delivery within schedule and the process demonstrating a commitment to a standard product quality.