TechFab TechFab

Vision, Mission, Quality Policy, Values


  • Become a strategic partner for our customers in our product niches.


  • Provide our customers with high-quality turnkey services, reward teamwork and develop talent in a sustainable, creative, innovative environment.

Quality Policy

  • TechFab places high priority on its Quality Policy:
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitiveness
  • Innovation
  • Profitability

TechFab management is committed to applying this policy on a daily basis.


TechFab’s values are the building blocks of our corporate culture. We want to maintain a workplace where teamwork and respect are encouraged, contributing to our company’s success in a highly competitive market.


TechFab team members apply the company’s values in performing their duties.


Customers: Our success depends on our customers’ success

Attitude and team: Our key assets

Return on investment: Keeping our company healthy and growing

Environment and community: Improving people’s quality of life