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Vision, Mission, Quality Policy, Values Vision Become a strategic partner for our customers in our product niches. Mission Provide our customers with high-quality turnkey services, reward teamwork and develop talent in a sustainable, creative, innovative environment. Quality Policy TechFab places high priority on its Quality Policy: Customer satisfaction Competitiveness Innovation Profitability TechFab management is committed  [ ... ]

“Our know-how adapted to your very needs” Through PCM TechFab’s expertise, our highly qualified team supervises every step of the fabrication of your parts and ensures that the procedures of conception, production and assembly respect the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry in terms of quality and security.     Our expertise includes: Holding &  [ ... ]

“23 years of experience !” As a result of our high-end gundrilling, a single operation is enough to achieve all the required precision: roundness, straightness, dimension and finish.  In many cases, secondary operations such as reaming and honing are completely eliminated, avoiding all associated handling problems and providing a perfect finish within shorter delays.        [ ... ]

“Alignment Laser” Because precision and reliability are not just options, PCM TechFab uses a Tracker Laser from FARO to guarantee the quality and guidance of large dimension parts assembly. This indispensable technology in aerospacecan be used in various areas such as very precise alignment and machine adjustment, component inspection, fabrication and adjustment of high precision  [ ... ]

“Our expertise and technology at your project’s service” With its cutting-edge technology, PCM TechFab flawlessly completes all your machinery projects. Our expertise meet the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry and bring them to your service whether your needs are for conventional or CNC (numerical control) machining. In partner with this technology, the know-how and  [ ... ]

“CWB certification in progress” Year after year, the continuous transfer of know-how has allowed TechFab to forge its reputation in the field of welding. Rich of its expertise, we offer our clients a customized service whose key merits are quality, rigor, precision and speed as we differentiate ourselves amongst the best in the industry. In  [ ... ]

” Powerful and flexible” EDM wire-cutting is a powerful and flexible method. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) reduces the programming time and increases the potential of machining.   PCM TechFab produces matrices, molds and commercial tooling parts. Wire cutting allows parts with complex forms to be cut with exceptional quality, precision and finish. Send your quote requests  [ ... ]

“Come with your ideas, we will build them together”  With its expertise and technology, PCM TechFab offers turn-key solutions and services. With CAD’s solutions, our experts follow our customers from the very conception to the fabrication of their ideas. You will benefit from our experience, knowledge and advice throughout every step of your project’s development.  [ ... ]